RFID Radiation Protection

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We have developed the World’s First RFID Harmful Radiation Protection Filter for health, energy, devices from electromagnetic radiation.

We support RFID industry to protects your health and your devices while saving energy with the RFID Harmful Radiation Protection Filter.  



We have developed number one RFID Filter device on the World.

Because we love RFID technology. Then we protect your health and your devices while saving energy for RFID technology future.

RFID Filter saves energy by controlling the RFID reader, protects humans from electromagnetic radiation signals and also protect electronic devices from electromagnetic signals.

Support us
Istanbul Technical University –  ITU Çekirdek.
Istanbul University – Istanbul Faculty of Medicine TETlab. (Scientific Tests)

We had patent process for our product with Istanbul Technical University – ITUNova.

Official electromagnetic measurement company EMR Koruma

We supports our project with scientific articles and scientists.


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Mr. Ferhat Bora (Technical)
+90 555 487 32 06


If you have a coffee time, we can invite you to our office.

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Istanbul Technical University, ARI3 Cekirdek, Maslak
34469 Istanbul, TURKIYE.